The Future of Business Creativity

An Eye Opener is a breakfast meeting that literally and figuratively opens your eyes to the possibilities that new technologies have for your business. This time our keynote presentation is about the impact that exponential technologies has on Business Creativity.

We have long considered creativity a fundamental human characteristic but is that still true now? And in ten years’ time? Deep underlying patterns in creativity have been uncovered; are these patterns dehumanizing creativity? Will application of proven creativity patterns lead the way to future business success? CEO’s consider business creativity a crucial factor for future success and it is expected that by 2030, 30%-40% more time will be spent on business creativity.

You are welcome from 07.30 for a breakfast after which we will guide you through our eye Opener presentation at 08:00, which will last until 09:00.

This Eye Opener will be delivered by Ernst-Jan van Batenburg in Dutch.

Sign up and see you there!

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