Hybrid Workspaces

The organisation this reference case is about has requested to remain anonymous.

Ojective: The organisation in this reference case asked Sound to make them the leader of the new hybrid working in the large corporate market. Hybrid working is the form in which employees of organizations and companies work partly at home and partly in the office.

The organisation was keen to become the market leader in an as yet uncharted field. But there is no hybrid working yet, we are stepping into a world that is new, but at the same time the organisation wanted to be clear that for this new world their network is indispensable. For this difficult assignment, they came to Sound. Sound has a lot of experience in bringing future products to the market, such as our eye-openers and other examples of digital integration. For this assignment, Sound will have to combine this with operational execution by also setting up the campaign.

In cooperation with this anonymous organisation, Sound translated this objective into the following sub-objectives:

  • Ensure that as many of the organisation’s corporate customers as possible are reached. 
  • Develop a compact story that hybrid working becomes the (likely) norm for how large business customers will work in the future.
  • Establish the organisation as a thought-leader with clear connection to their product portfolio that supports hybrid home working.
  • Realize a sales funnel for the account managers.  


After forming the team, we took a collaborative approach as a Sound team that resonated with both consumers and business customers. Umbrella theme was to make working from home really work. Below we were able to provide many forms of examples, how to make working from home really work.
In doing so, we developed the following actions:

  • Co-development of a commercial, where the focus is on the employee. Promote this commercial through the business social media channels to create awareness among business customers.
  • Develop supporting materials, such as an in-house landing page, white paper and additional social media posts, which further deepen the business elements of working from home.
  • With each communication, the business customer is invited to sign up for an afternoon webinar, in which 5 themes and about 10 speakers highlight elements of working from home, such as safety, employee engagement, ICT support and adoption.


Based on previous similar campaigns, clear goals had been defined for each stage of the wholesale funnel, such as views, downloads, webinar participants and expected leads. In all cases, the results far exceeded the forecast. The webinar attracted the largest number of participants this year after the annual Digital Dutch Event, exceeding the target by 4 times.

Reasons for success

The primary stakeholder said the following: “Sound knows how to make strategic visions concrete and tangible for our clients. They know how to combine this with a Marketing campaign that is right from A to Z. This enables us to actually offer our sales teams concrete leads and they know how to score in the first phases of building a sales funnel.”

More cases

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